Startup Europe Week Budapest

Startup Europe Week Budapest

Budapest, Magyarország

Startup Europe Week has been created to include all the european regions in astartup focused program.Many global initiatives have been created to celebrate entrepreneurship.

Typically,such events follow the Silicon Valley format (keynote motivational speeches,networking sessions etc).But Europe is different and requires something more when it comes to starting a business. Regional diversity and local policy making play a big role in shaping European startups. European regions are key players, from helping entrepreneurs to incorporate a company, to providing grants or taxes breaks.


  • Gerencsér Dorottya - KIFU (Governmental Information Technology Development Agency)
  • Bias Csongor - Mosaik 
  • Simor Adrien - Startup Incubator Zrt
  • Gémesi Zsolt - Enterpresis Hungary
  • Martonicz Dániel - Soul & Innovation Kft
  • Restas Tibor - Bubicon Kft
  • Tobi Csaba - Qpharma

Időpont és Helyszín

Időpont: 2017. február 6., 16:00-20:00

Helyszín: Mosaik

Cím: Pannónia utca 32., Budapest

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