SMART 2017 Startup Masterclass

SMART 2017 Startup Masterclass

Budapest, Magyarország

This year at SMART 2017 Conference we are launching the SMART Masterclass - Roasted style sessions together with Mosaik.

Selected tech startups can participate for free and gain actionable insights from the packed program of startup talks and individual office hours with the speakers.

This program is developed specifically for early stage startups, providing them with access to leading professionals and entrepreneurs with tons of experience and knowledge to share. Sobring your co-founder and level-up everything from sales to fundraising, and beyond.

The program consists of two types of content. First the day is kickstarted by inspiring topic-specific lightning talks about key aspects of building a startup. Following the talks, each/entrepreneur is able to book 1-on-1 office hours with the experts and have in-depth conversations about how to make the learnings actionable in their ownstartup.

Every early stage startup is eligible to apply for this program. Simply just fill out this application before April 1.

Időpont és Helyszín

Időpont: 2017. április 5., 09:00-18:00

Helyszín: Akvárium Klub

Cím: Erzsébet tér 5., Budapest

Belépő: Ingyenes