Craft Conference 2017

Craft Conference 2017

Budapest, Magyarország

The importance of software craftsmanship is increasing constantly. Software development made right can unlock a lot of hidden potential in organizations. Nowadays it is more and more true that only those companies could be successful and survive where change is part of the DNA, those that can learn and react fast, and without focusing and investing into software craftsmanship this goal can't be achieved.

The CRAFT Conference is about software craftsmanship, which tools, methods, practices should be part of the toolbox of a modern developer and company, and it is a compass on new technologies, trends. You can learn from the best speakers and practitioners in our community. Craft helps companies to understand how important it is to invest in the way they develop (including product development).

Időpont és Helyszín

Időpont: 2017. április 25-29.

Helyszín: Magyar Vasúttörténeti Park

Cím: Tatai út 95., Budapest

Belépő: $100-$500