Design Terminal Demo Day

Design Terminal Demo Day

Budapest, Magyarország

Come and join us for a chance to meet the most innovative startups and entrepreneurs of Hungary at the closingevent of the Mentoring Program’s spring semester!

Want to get to know some cutting-edge social impact startups and the teams behind them? Meet ourmentors, mentees, and business partners for a night at Budapest Music Center on June 21 and learn more about the startup scene of Budapest.


  • 18:00 Arrival
  • 18:30 Opening
  • 18:45 Introducing the latest projects from Design Terminal (LearnIT, FabriXense, StudyX, Nold Technologies, GlovEye, Collmot Robotics)
  • 20:30 Networking and reception

Come along to mix and mingle with inventors and investors, mentors and mentees, and get to know the startup community through their stories! Meet the ones at the forefront of innovation and get inspired!

Időpont és Helyszín

Időpont: 2018. június 21., 16:00-20:00

Helyszín: Budapest Music Center

Cím: Mátyás utca 8., Budapest

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