Fintech Meetup Budapest: Big Boy Games

Fintech Meetup Budapest: Big Boy Games

Budapest, Magyarország

One of the key predictions for the new decade is that tech giants, such as Amazon and Facebook, will move deeper into the financial services space. BigTech firms have grown significantly over the past years, and now they are comparable in size or even larger than some of the world’s biggest financial institutions. Both parties have their strengths and weaknesses, and it is only a matter of time to see what kind of impact this new setup will have on various aspects of the sector, such as the diversity of financial services, the inclusion of previously unbanked segments and financial stability. We can also witness different modes of interaction currently emerging between the two: some involve partnerships, while there are also signs of competition between BigTech companies and incumbent financial firms.

On 6th February, we are bringing some key players to the table to hear their insightful thoughts on the latest trends and to get a glimpse on how they actually see this shift. The regulatory perspective cannot be missed from the equation, so we will have Péter Fáykiss with us to share the viewpoint of the National Bank of Hungary (MNB) on this topic. István Maklári (Mastercard Advisors) and Péter Csányi (OTP Bank) will join him to shed light on how existing financial institutions are responding to BigTech’s new role in offering financial services.


  • 17:30-18:00 - Registration
  • 18:00-18:05 - Welcome speech of András Berczeli, Co-founder of Fintech Meetup@Budapest; and András Fischer, the Head of OTP LAB
  • 18:05-18:25 - Keynote speech on the ever-changing role of BigTech companies in the financial sector (István Maklári – Mastercard Advisors)
  • 18:25-19:10 - Roundtable discussion (István Maklári – Mastercard Advisors, Péter Fáykiss – National Bank of Hungary, Péter Csányi – OTP Bank. Further participants to be announced soon.)
  • 19:10-20:30 - Networking

Időpont és Helyszín

Időpont: 2020. február 6., 17:30-20:30

Helyszín: OTP Lab

Cím: Váci utca 1., Budapest

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